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Vacuum Cleaner Floor Nozzle 00441238

Properties Polymatic, with wheel, 35mmSKU AI00441238OSManufacturing number(s) AI441238OSPackage content 1 PieceCompatible with BSG71842, BSG8PRO1Manufacturer Original productDevice brand Bosch, SiemensDevice name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuumModel Material

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum nozzle

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Properties Polymatic, with wheel, 35mm
SKU AI00441238OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI441238OS
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with BSG71842, BSG8PRO1
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Bosch, Siemens
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
BGL 35 MOV 1901BGL 35 MOVE 101BGL 35 MOVE 201BGL 35 MOVE 301BGL 45 ZOOO 101BGL35MOV1901BGL35MOVE101BGL35MOVE201BGL35MOVE301BGS 6 SIL 1 AUBGS 6 SIL 101BGS 62130 ILBGS 62130 IL 01BGS 62130 IL 02BGS 62130 IL 03BGS 62130 IL 04BGS 6SIL 101BGS 6SIL 1AU 01BGS 7205802BoschBSG 6166303BSG 61666 GBBSG 61666 GB 03BSG 6166603BSG 6166604BSG 6166609BSG 6183101BSG 6183102BSG 6183103BSG 6183202BSG 6183203BSG 6183204BSG 6220004BSG 71266 GB 17BSG 7126620BSG 7166607BSG 7166614BSG 7183501BSG 7183503BSG 7183504BSG 7183507BSG 7184001BSG 7184002BSG 7184003BSG 7184004BSG 7184005BSG 7184007BSG 7184204BSG 7184207BSG 7184210BSG 7184216BSG 8 PRO 1 AU 10BSG 8 PRO 1 AU 15BSG 8 PRO 1 GBBSG 8 PRO 1 GB 10BSG 8 PRO 1 GB 15BSG 8 PRO 102BSG 8 PRO 1109BSG 8 PRO 1110BSG 8 PRO 1115BSG 8 PRO 115BSG 8 PRO 1209BSG 8 PRO 209BSG 8 PRO 215BSG 8126114BSG 81313 UC 06BSG 8162301BSG 8162309BSG 8162310BSG 8162314BSG 8162315BSG 8166601BSG 8166609BSG 8166610BSG 8166614BSG 8166615BSG 81880 GBBSG 8188001BSG 8201001BSG 82020BSG 8202004BSG 8202009BSG 82022 GBBSG 8202201BSG 8203001BSG 8203204BSG 8203205BSG 8204001BSG 8205001BSG 82060 CHBSG 82077 AUBSG 82230 CHBSG 82230 CH 01BSG 82230 CH 10BSG 82230 CH 14BSG 8223002BSG 8223009BSG 8223010BSG 8223014BSG 8223015BSG 8242210BSG 8242215BSG 8242217BSG 82425 N18BSG 82425 N23BSG 8242502BSG 8242510BSG 8242514BSG 8242517BSG 8242518BSG 8243317BSG 8243323BSG 82480 AU 10BSG 82480 AU 14BSG 82480 AU 15BSG 82480 AU 17BSG 8248008BSG 8248010BSG 8248014BSG 8248015BSG 8248017BSG 8248019BSG 8248501BSG 8248508BSG 8248510BSG 8249002BSG 8249010BSG 8250201BSG 8250212BSG 8250214BSG 8250215BSG 8250217BSG 8250223BSG 8PRO 102BSG 8PRO 109BSG 8PRO 110BSG 8PRO 1102BSG 8PRO 1109BSG 8PRO 1110BSG 8PRO 1115BSG 8PRO 115BSG 8PRO 1209BSG 8PRO 1215BSG 8PRO 1AU 10BSG 8PRO 1AU 15BSG 8PRO 1GB 02BSG 8PRO 1GB 09BSG 8PRO 1GB 10BSG 8PRO 1GB 15BSG 8PRO 1GB 22BSG 8PRO 209BSG 8PRO 215BSGL 3226003BSGL 412 M101BSGL 4166601BSGL 4167401BSGL 5 PRO 101BSGL 5 PRO 108BSGL 5 PRO 302BSGL 5 ZOODEBSGL 5 ZOOO 102BSGL 513 M101BSGL 513 M102BSGL 5130001BSGL 5130002BSGL 5131001BSGL 5131002BSGL 5132501BSGL 5132502BSGL 5133201BSGL 5133208BSGL 5133802BSGL 5222102BSGL 5222502BSGL 5223201BSGL 5223301BSGL 5223302BSGL 5223702BSGL 5223802BSGL 5224201BSGL 5224202BSGL 5242 AUBSGL 5242 AU 02BSGL 5244 AU 02BSGL 5244402BSGL 5255 AUBSGL 5255 AU 02BSGL 5PET 102BSGL 5PRO 101BSGL 5PRO 108@4FREShop by BrandSiemensVacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Nozzle