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G130 floor nozzle, 36mm (Switchable for Capret and Hard Floors) vacuum cleaner 35601195

Properties Switchable for Capret and Hard FloorsSKU AI35601195OSManufacturing number(s) AI35601195, G130OSPackage content 1 PieceManufacturer Original productDevice brand Candy, Hoover, Rosieres, ZerowattDevice name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuumAdditional Useful...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum nozzle

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Properties Switchable for Capret and Hard Floors
SKU AI35601195OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI35601195, G130OS
Package content 1 Piece
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Candy, Hoover, Rosieres, Zerowatt
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip In case the vacuum nozzle is stuck, simply run it under the hot tap. Then, turning the nozzle will hopefully allow the mouth of the tube to separate.
CandyCCP 1401003CCP 1401086CCP 1603086CCP 2005011CCP 2010011CP 14 CP 36011CP 70 CP 09011CP 70 CP 10011CP 70 CP 20011HooverRosieresShop by BrandTCP 1401019TCP 1805011TCP 1805013TCP 1805020TCP 2005011TCP 2005021TCP 2008011TCP 2008021TCP 2010011TCP 2010019TCP 2010020TCP 2016011TCP 2105011TCP 2120011TCP 2120019Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum NozzleZerowatt