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Extension Tube (Telescopic Tube steel 30mm) vacuum cleaner 1096419096

Properties Telescopic Tube steel 30mmSKU AI6.01.14.10-0OSManufacturing number(s) AI1096419096, 9002563253OSEan number 8713411146893Package content 1 PieceCompatible with Z2050, Z1944, Volta 4542Manufacturer Original productDevice brand Aeg, Electra, Electrolux, Hugin, Miostar, Privileg, Progress, Singer,...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum tube

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Properties Telescopic Tube steel 30mm
SKU AI6.01.14.10-0OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI1096419096, 9002563253OS
Ean number 8713411146893
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with Z2050, Z1944, Volta 4542
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Aeg, Electra, Electrolux, Hugin, Miostar, Privileg, Progress, Singer, Tornado, Volta, Onyx, Wertheim, Aeg electrolux
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
1650 GUAVA RED1700 BLUEBELL1710 BUSH GREEN1720 MAPLE WHITE1750 GRAPHITE GREY2845 E ICE BLUE2885 E CREAM IVORY2891 GRAPHIT GREY29202920 DAND. YELLOW29302930 ICE BLUE29352935 EGIPTIAN GREEN2935 EGYPTIAN GREEN293829552955 ICE BLUE2955 IVORY CREAM2957 ICE BLUE29802980 PEAR GREEN4500 BUSH GREEN4510 GUANA RED4510 PRIMR.YELLOW4512 DARK BUSH GREEN45154515 BUSH GREEN4515 N4518 BUSH GREEN45204520 CRAZY45214522 CRAZY45244525 DENIM BLUE4530 BLUEBELL4530 WHALE BLUE4532 DENIM BLUE45354535 GRAPHITE GREY4535 MAPLE WHITE45384538 GRAPHITE GREY4538 WHALE BLUE453945404540 LILIAC45424542 LILAC45434543 B45866000 BO GRAPE6000 NO GRAPHIT GREY91028412400ADVANTIS BADVANTIS B C2ADVANTIS B C3ADVANTIS B MIO N1ADVANTIS B MIO N2ADVANTIS B MIO N3 IRADVANTIS B2C C2ADVANTIS B2C C3AegAeg electroluxAV 1110AV 1120AV 1121AV 1130AV 1140AVC 1190AVQ 210AVQ 2100AVQ 2101AVQ 2102AVQ 2104.1AVQ 21041AVQ 2106AVQ 2107AVQ 2127AVQ 2128AVQ 2131AVQ 2220BOLIDO 4518BOLIDO 4521BOLIDO 4532C2C3CE POWERLINECT 2730CT 2730 (P)CT 2740 RCT 2740 R (P)CV 721CV 721 (F)D790D790 (S)EC 20EC 30EC 738ElectraElectroluxELYPS 1130ELYPS 1131HN 4300HN 4300 (S)HN 4500HN 4500 BHN 6000 M ARTICHN 6000 M ARTIC BLUEHN 7005HN 7010HN 7020HN 8000HuginMICRO 2 ONYX 150 PROGMiostarOnyxP1P1131P2630P2630 (P)P2640 RP2640 R (P)POWER CLEANPOWER STARPOWERSTARPrivilegPRIVILEG SUPER CLEANProgressShop by BrandSingerSMA 1700SMART 170.0STRTOS ADVANTIS BSUPER CLEANMT2 0T2 0 CYCLONETO 1130TO 1131TO 4516 NTO 4517TornadoTWISTER Z5816TWISTER Z5836U1130U1131U3500U3550U3560U3700U3710U3720U4524U4539U4543VAC 7600VAC 7700VAC 7800VAC 7801VAC 8700VAC 8701VAC 8900Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum TubeVAMPYR TC 300VAMPYR TC 307VAMPYR TC ALINEEVAMPYR TC ALINESVAMPYR TC ARTLINE.EVAMPYR TC ARTLINE.SVoltaW4030 GRAPEW5030W5035W6035WertheimXXL 20XXL 34XXL 60XXL 60 TOYXXL 62XXL BOX 1XXL BOX 3XXLBOX 1XXLBOX 3Z 1033Z 1033 TZ 1034 VZ 1035Z 1035 TZ 1037 TZ 1037 XZ 1132Z 1133Z 1174Z 1177Z 1180Z 1181Z 1181 EZ 1185Z 1943 MZ 1948 MZ 1955 MZ 1955 MNZ 1955 ROZ 2020@4@1ELECTROLUX@5