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Sale Electrolux S-Bag Classic Starter VCSK2 9002566926

Electrolux S-Bag Classic Starter VCSK2 9002566926

Properties • Genuine Electrolux S-Bag Classic Long Performance Starter Kit • 4x Microfibre Vacuum Bags + 1x Hygiene filter + 1x Motorfilter + 4x S-Fresh scented granuals • Brand: ElectroluxSKU...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum bag

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Properties • Genuine Electrolux S-Bag Classic Long Performance Starter Kit • 4x Microfibre Vacuum Bags + 1x Hygiene filter + 1x Motorfilter + 4x S-Fresh scented granuals • Brand: Electrolux
SKU AI6.07.02.83-0OS
Manufacturing number(s) AIVCSK2 9002566926OS
Ean number 7319599001187
Package content 9 Pieces
Compatible with EasyLife, Oxygen, Ultra Silencer, AirStar, SmallStar, PowerLife, Impact, CityLine, Expressio, Performer, HomeHero, Universe, Jewel, StudioPower, Specialist, Performer, SilentStar, Expression, Impact, CityLine, Mobilo, AirMax, Bolido, Clario, Ergobox, Ergospace, Esgreen, Excellio, Maximus, Oxy3system, Oxygen+, UltraOne   Philips: FC8130 - FC8139 (EasyLife), FC8220 - FC8229 (AirStar), FC8230 - FC8240 (SmallStar), FC8320 - FC8329 (PowerLife), FC8380 - FC8399 (Impact), FC8400 - FC8439 (CityLine), FC8450 - FC8459 (PowerLife), FC8450 - FC8459 (PowerLife), FC8600 - FC8660 (Expression), FC8720 - FC8729 (Performer), FC8910 - FC8919 (HomeHero), FC9000 - FC9029 (Universe), FC9050 - FC9079 (Jewel), FC9080 - FC9089 (StudioPower), FC9100 - FC9132 (Specialist), FC9150 - FC9194 (Performer), FC9300 - FC9319 (SilentStar), HR8300 - HR8349 (Expression), HR8350 - HR8367 (Impact), HR8368 - HR8378 (CityLine), HR8500 - HR8599 (Mobilo)   Electrolux: Z8820 (UltraOne), Z8820P (UltraOne), Z8850 (UltraOne), Z8860T (UltraOne), Z8822GP (UltraOne), Z8860C (UltraOne), Z8820B (UltraOne), ZE322 (Ergospace), ZE346 (Ergospace), ZE352 (Ergospace), ZE330B (Ergospace), ZE330G (Ergospace), ZEG300 (Ergospace), ZEG301 (Ergospace), ZG8800, ZUS3930 (UltraSilencer), ZUS3970P (UltraSilencer), ZUS3932G (UltraSilencer), ZUSG3900 (UltraSilencer), ZUSG3901 (UltraSilencer)   AEG: AE 4620, AE 4640, AirMax: AAM 6100 - 6150, AirMax: AAM 6160EC, AirMax: AAM 6216, AirMax: AAM 6217, AirMax: AAM 6320CD, AirMax: AAM 6324, AirMax: AAM 7124POW, AirMax Green: AAM 6200ÖKO, Clario: AEC 7570 - 7572, Clario2: AEP 3515 - 3525, Ergospace: AE 305SC, Ergospace: AES 340, Ergospace: AES 355, Ergospace Green: AESG 300, Essensio: AEO 5400 - 5499, JetMaxx: AJM 6717, JetMaxx: AJM 6800 - 6899, JetMaxx Dust & Gone: AJM 68FDI - 9, JetMaxx Green: AJG 6700, JetMaxx Green: AJG 6800 - 6899, Maximus: AMX 7010 - 7035, Oxy3system: AOS 9300 - 9352, Oxygen+: AO 7320 Oxygen+, AO 7335 Oxygen+: AO 7350 QS, Elegance: AVQ 2220 - 2250, System Pro: P1 - P999, UltraOne: AEL 8800 – 8899, UltraOne: AUO 8815 - 8870, UltraOne Green: AG 8800, UltraSilencer: AUS 3930, UltraSilencer: AUS 3931G/R, UltraSilencer: AUS 3965P, UltraSilencer: AUS 3966P, UltraSilencer: AUS 4030 - 4090, UltraSilencer Green: AUSÖ 3000, UltraSilencer Green: AUSG 3900 - 3901, Viva Control: AVC 1110 - 1190, Viva Control: AVC 1220 - 1230, Viva Quickstop: AVQ 2100 - 2141
Manufacturer Electrolux
Device brand Aeg, Aeg electrolux, Electrolux, Philips
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip Place a scent stick in the vacuum bag. This neutralises the air coming from your vacuum cleaner.
Model S-Bag
Material Microfiber
AegAeg electroluxElectroluxExcellioHR 8539HR 8540HR 8541HR 8542HR 8543HR 8544HR 8545HR 8546HR 8547HR 8548HR 8549HR 8550HR 8551HR 8552HR 8553HR 8554HR 8555HR 8556HR 8557HR 8558HR 8559HR 8560HR 8561HR 8562HR 8563HR 8564HR 8565HR 8566HR 8567HR 8568HR 8569HR 8570HR 8571HR 8572HR 8573HR 8574HR 8575HR 8576HR 8577HR 8578HR 8579HR 8580HR 8581HR 8582HR 8583HR 8584HR 8585HR 8586HR 8587HR 8588HR 8589HR 8590HR 8591HR 8592HR 8593HR 8594HR 8595HR 8596HR 8597HR 8598HR 8599MobiloPhilipsShop by BrandVacuum Cleaner - Vacuum BagZ 5201Z 5202Z 5203Z 5204Z 5205Z 5206Z 5207Z 5208Z 5209Z 5210Z 5211Z 5212Z 5213Z 5214Z 5215Z 5216Z 5217Z 5218Z 5219Z 5220Z 5221Z 5222Z 5223Z 5224Z 5225Z 5226Z 5227Z 5228Z 5229Z 5230Z 5231Z 5232Z 5233Z 5234Z 5235Z 5236