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Miele crevice nozzle 150 mm (S 250-, S 300-, S 500-, S 700-, S 2000-, S 4000- en S 5000-serie) vacuum cleaner 9442630

Properties SlitSKU AI6.26.22.02-0OSManufacturing number(s) AI9442630OSEan number 4002515206331Package content 1 PieceCompatible with S 300 SeriesManufacturer MieleDevice brand MieleDevice name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuumAdditional Useful tip In case the...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum nozzle

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Properties Slit
SKU AI6.26.22.02-0OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI9442630OS
Ean number 4002515206331
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with S 300 Series
Manufacturer Miele
Device brand Miele
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip In case the vacuum nozzle is stuck, simply run it under the hot tap. Then, turning the nozzle will hopefully allow the mouth of the tube to separate.
111 TH ANNIVERSARY210025 AR I SVERIGE metallicblau (SE)30 AR I SVERIGE koppar (SE)40 ANNIVERSARY40-ANNIVERSARY rouge carmin (BE)700ACTIVE HEPAACTIVE HEPA bourgogneroodmetal (NL)ACTIVE HEPA DE LUXEACTIVE HEPA donkerblauw-met (NL)ACTIVE HEPA eisgrnmetallic (NL)ACTIVE HEPA eisgruenmetallic (NL)ACTIVE MEDICALACTIVE MEDICAL brillantwei (NL)ACTIVE MEDICAL brillantweiss (NL)ACTIVE TEAMACTIVE TEAM karminrot (DE)ALIZEALLERGOTEC 2000ALLERGOTEC 2000 brillantwei (NL)ALLERGOTEC 2000 brillantweiss (NL)ALLERGY CONTROLALLERGY CONTROL 2000ALLERGY CONTROL 2000 knigsbl (NL)ALLERGY CONTROL 2000 koenigsbl (NL)ALLERGY CONTROL 2000 pol. ice (BE)ALLERGY CONTROL 2200ALLERGY CONTROL 500ALLERGY CONTROL 500 brill.wei (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 500 brill.weiss (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 600ALLERGY CONTROL 600 brill.wei (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 600 brill.weiss (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 700ALLERGY CONTROL 700 brill.wei (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 700 brill.weiss (DE)ALLERGY CONTROL 700 indigobl. (NL)ALLERGY CONTROL PLUSALLERGY CONTROL PLUS brillwei (BE)ALLERGY CONTROL PLUS brillweiss (BE)ALLERGY CONTROL PLUS indigobl. (NL)ALLERGY HEPAALLERGY HEPA 1800ALLERGY HEPA 700ALLERGY HEPA 700 brill.wei (BE)ALLERGY HEPA 700 brill.weiss (BE)ALLERGY HEPA MINI 1400ALLERGY HEPA PLUSALLERGY HEPA PLUS brillantwei (BE)ALLERVACALLERVAC 700ALLERVAC HEPA PLUSALLERVAC SENSORALLERVAC SENSOR 2000ALLERVAC SENSOR 5000ALU MAGICALUMINIUM LIMITEDALUMINIUM LIMITED EDITION (BE)ALUMINIUM LIMITED EDITION (NL)AMARANTHAMARANTH burgunderrotmetallic (DE)AMBIENTEAMBIENTE blau/grn (BE)AMBIENTE blau/grn (DE)AMBIENTE blau/grn (NL)AMBIENTE blau/gruen (DE)AMBIENTE blau/gruen (NL)AMBIENTE PLUSAMBIENTE PLUS blau/grn (DE)AMBIENTE PLUS blau/grn (NL)AMBIENTE PLUS blau/gruen (DE)AMBIENTE PLUS blau/gruen (NL)AMBIENTE tizianrotmetallic (BE)AMBIENTE tizianrotmetallic (DE)AMBIENTE tizianrotmetallic (DK)AMBITIONANIVERSARIOANNIVERSARY 100ANNIVERSARY 100 karminrot (BE)ANTARAPOLAQUARIUSARGENTOARGENTO goldbronzemet. (NL)ARIELART BY MIELEARTICOARTICO indigoblau (DE)ARTICO indigoblau (DK)ARTICOAUATHENAAUTO ECO 5000AUTOMATICAUTOMATIC HEPA 5000AUTOMATIC TT 5000BABY CAREBABY CARE 4000BABY CARE 4000 lichtblau (FR)BABY CARE 4000 melonengelb (DE)BABY CARE 4000 melonengelb (ES)BABY CARE 4000 zartrosa (FR)BABY CARE 4000-CH lichtblau (CH)BABY CARE 4000-CH zartrosa (CH)BABY CARE 5000BABY CARE melonengelb (ES)BABY CARE melonengelb (SE)BABY CARE polar ice (BE)BEST PARKETT TURBO & HEPABIG CAT & DOGBIG CAT & DOG lunasilber (CH)BIG CAT & DOG sienarot (GB)BIG CAT & DOG tropicgrn (DE)BIG CAT & DOG tropicgruen (CH)BIG CAT & DOG tropicgruen (DE)BLACKBLACK DIAMONDBLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (BE)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (CH)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (DE)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (DK)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (ES)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (FR)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (GB)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (NL)BLACK DIAMOND met.anthrazit (SE)BLACK MAGICBLACK MAGIC 700 noir profond (FR)BLACK MAGIC black magic (BE)BLACK MAGIC black magic (CH)BLACK MAGIC black magic (DE)BLACK obsischwarz (CH)BLACK PEARLBLACK PEARL 2000BLACK PEARL 2000 diepzwart (NL)BLACK PEARL 5000BLACK PEARL 5000 (NL)BLACK PEARL 5000 obsidianschw (NL)BLACK PEARL 5000 tiefschwarzBLACK PEARL 5000 tiefschwarz (DK)BLACK PEARL 5000 tiefschwarz (NL)BLACK PEARL diepzwart (NL)BLACK PEARL tiefschwarz (FR)BLACK tiefschwarz (CH)BLACK tiefschwarz (NL)BLUE CLEAN 1900BLUE CLEAN 1900 lichtblau (FR)BLUE LAGOONBLUE MAGICBLUE MAGIC 2000 bleu lumiere (FR)BLUE MAGIC Metallicbla (DK)BLUE MAGIC metallicbla (SE)BLUE MAGIC metallicblau (DE)BLUE MOONBLUE MOON nachtblaumet. (CH)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (BE)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (DE)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (DK)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (ES)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (FR)BLUE MOON nachtblaumetallic (NL)BLUE STARBRILLANT 2400BRILLANT 2400 karminrot (DE)BRILLANT 3500BRILLANT 3500 polarblau (DE)BRILLANT 5600BRILLANT 5600 knigsblau (DE)BRILLANT 5600 koenigsblau (DE)BRILLANT+56MieleShop by BrandVacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Nozzle