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Type Oslo Vacuum Bags for Philips HR6938OSH

Properties • Replacement for Philips Oslo • 5x Paper Vacuum Bags + Filter • Brand: FevikSKU AI6.27.02.30-2OSManufacturing number(s) AIHR6938OSHOSEan number 5021879210326Package content 5 PiecesCompatible with HR6300 - HR6320, HR6340 -...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum bag

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Properties • Replacement for Philips Oslo • 5x Paper Vacuum Bags + Filter • Brand: Fevik
SKU AI6.27.02.30-2OS
Manufacturing number(s) AIHR6938OSHOS
Ean number 5021879210326
Package content 5 Pieces
Compatible with HR6300 - HR6320, HR6340 - HR6800, HR8700 - HR8899, HR8949, T300 - T800, TC400 - TC999, TCX400 - TCX999, V371 - V397
Manufacturer Alternative product
Device brand Bosch, Goldstar, LG, Lloyds, Nilfisk, Philips, Ruton, Samsung
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip Place a scent stick in the vacuum bag. This neutralises the air coming from your vacuum cleaner.
Model Oslo
Material Paper
150150 / 13023303713723733743753763773783793803813823833843853863873883893903913923933943953966116939711882147400873189 XX900>999BASKETBBS 3175/06BoschBS 8811CLASSIQUE 900>999ECV 200 FRETUP 210 OMEUP 210 CHEUP 210 EPEUP 215 EUEXCLUSIVE 900>999FUROREFURORE 900>999GOLDEN MAGICGOLDEN MAGIC 900>999GoldstarHR 63 XXHR 6300HR 6311HR 6312HR 6340HR 6341HR 6350HR 6371HR 6372HR 6373HR 6374HR 6375HR 6376HR 6377HR 6378HR 6379HR 6380HR 6381HR 6382HR 6383HR 6384HR 6385HR 6386HR 6387HR 6388HR 6389HR 6390HR 6391HR 6392HR 6393HR 6394HR 6395HR 6396HR 64 xxHR 6400HR 6401HR 6460HR 65 xxHR 6500HR 6502HR 6517HR 6518HR 6519HR 6521HR 6522HR 6530HR 6550HR 6561HR 6562HR 6570HR 6580HR 66 xxHR 67 xxHR 6700HR 6703HR 6713HR 6730HR 68 xxHR 6800HR 6938HR 6939HR 6969HR 6983HR 87HR 87 xxHR 8731HR 8731 HR 8HR 8731/01HR 8731/02HR 8731/05HR 8733HR 8733 HR 8HR 8735HR 8735 HR 8HR 8745HR 8765HR 8765 HRHR 88HR 88 xxHR 8837HR 8837 HR 8HR 8838HR 8838 HR 8HR 8847HR 8847 HRHR 8857HR 89HR 89 xxHR 8901/09HR 8903HR 8905HR 8907HR 8909HR 8948HR 8948 HRHR 8978LGLloydsMARATHONMARATHON 7112MARATHON 900>999NEW LINENEW LINE 225NF 225NilfiskOSLOOSLO 8948OSLO 900>999P700P710P720P760P780PhilipsRO 12015RO 7111RO 7112RO 7115RO 7116RO 7117RO 7118RO 7119RO 7121RO 7123RO 88871111RutonSamsungSERIE 6835Shop by BrandSILENCESILENCE 3*)72SILENCE 900>999T 300T 302T 313T 400T 500T 600T 700T 800T300>399T302T313T400>499T500T600>699T700>799T800>899TC 400TC 500>599TC 600>699TC 633TC 700>799TC 800>899TC 900>999TC 999TC EXCLUSIVETCX 400>499TCX 431TCX 441TCX 500>599TCX 535TCX 537TCX 600>699TCX 628TCX 631TCX 642TCX 700>799@4@1Philips@5Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Bag