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Philips Vacuum Hose (Compl. Click Knee Swivel) vacuum cleaner 432200512720

Properties Compl. Click Knee SwivelSKU AI6.27.10.14-0OSManufacturing number(s) AI432200512720, 432200520290, FC6039/01, FC603901OSEan number 8713411148842Package content 1 PieceCompatible with FC9103, FC9150Manufacturer PhilipsDevice brand PhilipsDevice name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuumModel...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum hose

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Properties Compl. Click Knee Swivel
SKU AI6.27.10.14-0OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI432200512720, 432200520290, FC6039/01, FC603901OS
Ean number 8713411148842
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with FC9103, FC9150
Manufacturer Philips
Device brand Philips
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
FC 9100FC 9101FC 9101 AFC 9101 ABFC 9102FC 9102 ACFC 9102 AFFC 9103FC 9103 ACFC 9104FC 9104 ACFC 9106FC 9106 ABFC 9108FC 9108 ABFC 9110FC 9110 ABFC 9114FC 9116FC 9120FC 9120 AFC 9122FC 9122 AFC 9124FC 9124 AFC 9126FC 9126 AFC 9128FC 9128 AFC 9132FC 9132 AFC 9150FC 9152FC 9153FC 9154FC 9160FC 9161FC 9162FC 9164FC 9165HR 8900/12HR 8900/14HR 8900/15HR 8910/09HR 8910/12HR 8910/15HR 8981HR 8982PhilipsShop by BrandVacuum Cleaner - Vacuum Hose