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Philips Vacuum Nozzle combi (Without Wheel -in box-) vacuum cleaner 482247930138

Properties Without Wheel -in box-SKU AI6.27.16.01-0OSManufacturing number(s) AI482247930138, FC6002/01, FC600201OSEan number 5021879108456Package content 1 PieceCompatible with All ModelsManufacturer PhilipsDevice brand PhilipsDevice name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuumAdditional Useful...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum nozzle

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Properties Without Wheel -in box-
SKU AI6.27.16.01-0OS
Manufacturing number(s) AI482247930138, FC6002/01, FC600201OS
Ean number 5021879108456
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with All Models
Manufacturer Philips
Device brand Philips
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip In case the vacuum nozzle is stuck, simply run it under the hot tap. Then, turning the nozzle will hopefully allow the mouth of the tube to separate.
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