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Vacuum Cleaner Bags like for Rowenta ZR765

Properties • Replacement for Rowenta • 6x Microfibre Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter • Brand: BrandloosSKU AI6.32.02.10-2OSManufacturing number(s) AIZR765OSEan number 5021879213846Package content 9 PiecesCompatible with Rowenta RB 01-12-20-TefalManufacturer Original productDevice...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum bag

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Properties • Replacement for Rowenta • 6x Microfibre Vacuum Bags + 1 Filter • Brand: Brandloos
SKU AI6.32.02.10-2OS
Manufacturing number(s) AIZR765OS
Ean number 5021879213846
Package content 9 Pieces
Compatible with Rowenta RB 01-12-20-Tefal
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Aqua Vac, Bestron, Bosch, Calor, Carrefour, Chromex, Curtiss, Darel, Delonghi, Express, Fakir, Fam, Goblin, Hollandia, Hoover, Konig, Lloyds, Nova, Novamatic, Omega, Philips, Primera, Principal, Rotary, Rowenta, Samsung, Shop-Vac, Sidem, Siemens, Sorma, Tefal, Termozeta, Ufesa, Wilfa
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip Place a scent stick in the vacuum bag. This neutralises the air coming from your vacuum cleaner.
Model ZR76
Material Microfiber
09510001000 PLUS12001250 EL1280 TEL1300140015001612165180194200200 SERIE23524018052405805290300300 SERIE3100 R390400400 SERIE4100410794200420114202430430414610461010461010 UY461010_GB461010_NL4611461110_AT461110_IT461110_NL461346154615 XX__GB4615 XX__NL461510461516__AT461610_AT461610_IT461610_NL46204620 XX_GB4620 XX_NL462010 UY462110_AT462110_GB462110_IT462110_NL462610_IT462610_NL46281046404640004645464500_AT464500_IT464500_NL464610_AT464610_DK464610_IT464610_NL4650465000_AT465000_NL465010 A_AT465010 A_DK465010 A_IT465010 A_NL4655490500500 SERIE510590707871008658829055534A110 ELECTRONICALLERGO MICRO CL 1400ALLERGO VAC N POLISHALLERGOMICROCL 1400ALLERGOVAC'NPOLISHAmbiaAMBIA VAC N POLISHAMBIAVAC'NPOLISHAqua VacAT 410015AT 410015 FRAURORA 1400AURORA 430AURORA 9055534BestronBMS 2100BMS 2200BoschBP 61BSS 10BSS 20BSS 30BULLY 81C120 ELECTRONICC150 ELECTRONICC180 ELECTRONICC180 TURBOELECTRONICCalorCarrefourCH 74ChromexCOBRA 1280COLLECTOCOMPACTCOMPACT 1150COMPACT 1250COMPACT 1300COMPACT 1400COMPACT 350COMPACT 4610COMPACT 4611COMPACT 4612COMPACT 4613COMPACT 4614COMPACT 4615COMPACT 4616COMPACT 4617COMPACT 4620COMPACTO 1100COMPOWATT 1000CORONA 430CurtissDarelDelonghiDIPLOMAT 2405805ELECTRONIC 1000ENDURO VAC N POLISHENDUROVAC'NPOLISHExpressEXTREMEXTREM 1400EXTREM 1500EXTREM RS520 BEXTREME VAC N POLISHEXTREMEVAC'NPOLISHFakirFamFB 1000FB 810FILTER PLUS 4655FLOORLINE 1100GEMINI 258 SGoblinHollandiaHooverIC 114 ELECTRONICIC 116KAZ 7000KonigLloydsLUXE 4640LUXE 4645LUXE 4650LUXE 4655MAXIMUM 1100MICRO CL 1400MICROCL 1400MULTIVACMULTIVAC 810NovaNovamaticOmegaOptimoOPTIMO VAC N POLISHOPTIMOVAC'NPOLISHPhilipsPREMIOPREMIO VAC N POLISHPREMIOVAC'NPOLISHPRESTY 1300PRESTY 1400PRESTY VAC N POLISHPRESTYVAC'NPOLISHPrimeraPrincipalPROFICL 30RB 01RB 02RB 05RB 10RB 11RB 111RB 111_ATRB 111_DERB 12RB 13RB 14RB 15RB 16RB 18RB 19RB 21RB 22RB 24RB 25RB 280RB 280_ARB 30RB 30_A@4@1Rowenta"RotaryRowentaSamsungShop by BrandShop-VacSidemSiemensSormaTefalTermozetaUfesaVacuum Cleaner - Vacuum BagWilfa