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Bosch Clamp Fastening for Brush Cutter F016F04847

SKU AIF016F04847OSManufacturing number(s) AIF016F04847OS, AIF.016.F04.847OSPackage content 1 PieceCompatible with AFS 23-37Manufacturer BoschDevice brand BoschDevice names Brush cutter, brushcutter, brush cut

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SKU AIF016F04847OS
Manufacturing number(s) AIF016F04847OS, AIF.016.F04.847OS
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with AFS 23-37
Manufacturer Bosch
Device brand Bosch
Device names Brush cutter, brushcutter, brush cut
AFS 23 37BoschBrush Cutter - MoreF.016.F04.847F016F04847Shop by Brand