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BLACK+DECKER Steam™ Perfume lemon scent cartridges for steam cleaner FSM3LF-XJ

SKU AIFSM3LF-XJOSManufacturing number(s) AIFSM3LF-XJOSEan number 5035048458327Package content 3 PiecesCompatible with FSM1620S, FSMH1621S, Steam mop™Manufacturer Black & deckerDevice brand Black & DeckerDevice name Steam cleaner, steam mop, floor steamers, steam cleaning,...

Steam cleaner - maintenance
Black & decker

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Manufacturing number(s) AIFSM3LF-XJOS
Ean number 5035048458327
Package content 3 Pieces
Compatible with FSM1620S, FSMH1621S, Steam mop™
Manufacturer Black & decker
Device brand Black & Decker
Device name Steam cleaner, steam mop, floor steamers, steam cleaning, steam floor cleaners
Black & DeckerFSM 1620 SFSMH 1621 SShop by BrandSteam Cleaner - MaintenanceSteam mop