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Small mouth piece + Brush vacuum cleaner RSRT9083

SKU AIRS-RT9083OSManufacturing number(s) AIRSRT9083, ZR901001OSPackage content 1 PieceCompatible with Accesorios de aspirador, Accesorios de aspirador, Accessimo, Accessoires aspirateurs, Accessoires aspirateurs, Accessoires Vacuum Cleaner, Accessoires Vacuum Cleaner, Accessori aspirapolvere, Accessori aspirapolvere,...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum nozzle

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Manufacturing number(s) AIRSRT9083, ZR901001OS
Package content 1 Piece
Compatible with Accesorios de aspirador, Accesorios de aspirador, Accessimo, Accessoires aspirateurs, Accessoires aspirateurs, Accessoires Vacuum Cleaner, Accessoires Vacuum Cleaner, Accessori aspirapolvere, Accessori aspirapolvere, Air Force, Alto, Ambia, Artec, Artec 2, Boogy, Booly, Booly, Classic, Clean Control, Compacteo, Compacteo, Compacteo Accessimo, Compacteo Cyclonic, Compacteo Cyclonic, Compacteo Ergo, Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic, Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic, Cosmo, Cosmo, Dymbo, Galeo, Gimini, Gimini, Hygiene +, Hygiène +, Hygiene+, Intens, Intensium, Intenso, Manea, Neo, Optimo, Powerclass, Principio, R2, Shock Absorber, Silence Force, Silence Force Compact, Silence Force Cyclonic RO801 / 802 / 804, Soam, Spaceo, Spacio, Spongo, Tonixo, Vacuum cleaner accessories, Vacuum cleaner accessories, X-Trem Power "Allrgy Care" RO43, X-Trem Power azul RO43, X-Trem Power blau RO43, X-trem Power bleu RO43, X-Trem Power blu RO43, X-Trem Power blue RO43, X-Trem Power czerwony RO43, X-Trem Power niebieski RO43, X-trem Power red RO43, X-Trem Power rojo RO43, X-Trem Power rosso RO43, X-Trem Power rot RO43, X-trem Power rouge RO43, Zelio, Zubehör Staubsauger, Zubehör Staubsauger
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Moulinex, Rowenta, SEB TEFAL
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip In case the vacuum nozzle is stuck, simply run it under the hot tap. Then, turning the nozzle will hopefully allow the mouth of the tube to separate.
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