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Rowenta ZR8001 Vacuum Bags

Properties • Genuine Rowenta ZR8001 (19 Liter) • 4x Microfibre Vacuum Bags • Brand: RowentaSKU AIZR80, ZR8001OSManufacturing number(s) AIZR80, ZR8001OSPackage content 5 PiecesCompatible with Rowenta Pro, Wet & Dry, Wet...

Vacuum cleaner - vacuum bag

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Properties • Genuine Rowenta ZR8001 (19 Liter) • 4x Microfibre Vacuum Bags • Brand: Rowenta
Manufacturing number(s) AIZR80, ZR8001OS
Package content 5 Pieces
Compatible with Rowenta Pro, Wet & Dry, Wet & Dry Vorace, Wet&Dry
Manufacturer Original product
Device brand Rowenta, SEB TEFAL
Device name Vacuum cleaner, vacuum, handyvac, hoover, handheld vacuum
Additional Useful tip Place a scent stick in the vacuum bag. This neutralises the air coming from your vacuum cleaner.
Model ZR80
Material Microfiber
BP 61RD 400RD 400 N FRRD 400 N_ARD 400_A_BERD 400_A_DERD 400_A_FRRD 406 FR 2RD 410_ARD 460_ARowentaRowenta ProRU 33RU 36RU 361RU 361 MY 2RU 361_A_BERU 361_A_FRRU 361_A_ITRU 361_A_NLRU 361_FR CMRU 361_N_ARU 361_NL NLRU 362 FRRU 363_ARU 364RU 364 DE 2RU 364 DE DERU 364_ARU 366 FR 2RU 367 FRRU 368 NLRU 36_A_ATRU 36_A_BERU 36_A_DERU 36_A_FRRU 36_FR FRRU 38RU 381RU 381_A_BERU 381_A_FRRU 381_A_GBRU 381_A_NLRU 381_FR SGRU 381_NL NLRU 385_ARU 386RU 386 FRRU 386 FR FRRU 38_A_ATRU 38_A_BERU 38_A_DERU 38_A_FRRU 38_DE DERU 390_ARU 391 FR 2RU 392 FRRU 40RU 4053RU 406_ARU 41RU 42RU 425_ARU 43RU 45RU 45 ARU 45 A_BE BERU 45 A_DE CNRU 45 AAXDRU 45 ACN 2RU 451 A_ABERU 451 A_ADERU 451 A_AFRRU 451_ARU 46RU 46 AXDRU 461_ARU 46_A_BERU 46_A_FRRU 46_BE BERU 5053 EHJ 60RU 520RU 520 A_ARU 520 FRRU 520 S_ARU 520_ARU 521 ACHRU 521 ASARU 521_A_ATRU 521_A_DERU 521_A_FRRU 521_A_ITRU 521_A_NLSEB TEFALShop by BrandSTOFZUIGER ROWENTA PROSTOFZUIGER VORACETP 0050429 P FRTQ 5053 MHJ 60Vacuum Cleaner - Vacuum BagVORACEWet & DryWET & DRY PROWet & Dry VoraceZR 80ZR 80 VORACE